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About me

I do what I love most - converting words into visuals.
My name is Nalini and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artist.
Since I can remember myself I love to draw and sketch, and these come natural to me.

I use the skills that I have to help small businesses and individuals to communicate with their existing clients and reach new audiences.
By taking advantage of my artistic background, I create a unique and custom visual language for my clients.

Before starting my own graphic design studio, I was the lead designer in an Israeli company that designed, produced and imported textiles, jewelry and other goods from India. There, I had the responsibility and creative freedom to design various collections.


I harness my love for traveling and passion to explore other cultures to enrich my designs, my art and my view on life.

I specialize in: Web Design, Logo Design, Illustrations, Branding, Brand Identity, Poster Design.

I use: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Adobe XD

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