Hey there,

My name is Nalini Le, I’m an illustrator and graphic designer.

I am a digital nomad and live around the world. I find inspiration wherever I go.
I’ve been drawing, sketching and painting since I can remember myself.

In 2017, I’ve decided to become a freelancer and opened my studio – Linushka Illustraions & Design, where I combine my illustrations and graphic knowledge to create CD booklets, children’s books, promotion posters, logos and T-shirts.
In 2018 I started traveling around the world, mainly in India, Nepal, Israel/Palestine and also in Vietnam, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

I also do special illustrations by commission, and would love to work with you -

Contact me on

WhatsApp +972-544-969119
E-mail: linushka.illustrations@gmail.com


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+972-54-4969119 (WhatsApp)